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Join our Discord to apply for the Tribe Band Family, and join our monthly family-wide tournaments!

Let’s BRAWL!

Tribe Gaming’s excited to announce that we’ve acquired Invictus, one of Brawl Stars’s leading Band families! Comprised of 14 Bands for all trophy levels, the Tribe Band Family has a spot for anyone with a passion for Brawl.

Watch our introduction video on Tribe’s YouTube channel!

“Brawl Stars is a unique opportunity for us, and we’re amped to get on the ground floor of a game with explosive potential – especially with it being a Supercell title. With us absorbing one of the biggest Band families in the entire game, make sure to join our Discord for the latest and greatest around Tribe Brawl Stars, including monthly tournaments!” – Chief Pat, Tribe Gaming CEO

We’re eager to see the future of Brawl Stars, and to show our enthusiasm, we’ll be hosting monthly tournaments for all Tribe Brawl Stars members, organized on our Discord server!

See a Band you want to join? Join our Discord server to learn more about the Tribe Band Family and find a Band for you!

Our family is currently comprised of the following Bands:

  • Tribe Gaming

  • Tribe Draco

  • Tribe Activium

  • Tribe Alpha

  • Tribe Westlake

  • Tribe Dark

  • Tribe Jokers

  • Tribe Mystic

  • Tribe Brazil

  • Tribe Academy

  • Tribe Night

  • Tribe Ludic

  • Tribe Malaya

  • Tribe Minis

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