• LaidToRest

    Tanner Scadden

  • Currently team
  • Player age 20
  • Country United States
  • Ingame Role Lane Carry

Quick Bio

Hello, I'm Tanner aka LaidToRest, and I'm the carry for Tribe Academy. My passion for MOBAs started over 4 years ago with League of Legends. But when my brother introduced me to Vainglory in the spring of 2016, I've switched to Vainglory and play League casually - mostly URF mode.

More details

  • VG PRO: Vainglorious Silver

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  • Device iPad Pro
  • Headset HyperX Cloud II

Everything around Vainglory and my passion for the game were lifted to a more serious level in the Summer of 2017, when I started playing competitive for the Nova Challenger Team. I can definitely say that Kestrel is my favorite hero - her mobility is insane, and the potential to outplay the entire enemy team at any given point is just awesome. 

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