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  • Player age 17
  • Country United States
  • Ingame Role Sub

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Hey - I'm Will aka TheBigDog, and I'm the jungler for Tribe Academy. I've been playing Vainglory since launch back in 2014, so you can say I've been hooked from the very beginning.

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  • Device iPad Air 2
  • Headset HyperX Cloud Series

My favorite hero is Skye - the moment you master her mechanics, her hero kit allows you to take the full advantage of the Halcyon Fold. Her mobility is pure craziness, and her B ability has some of the biggest outplay potential within Vainglory. I grew up in Michigan and Montana, and currently I'm living with my Family in Utah. When I'm not busy practicing with my buddies Steven "NovaFusion" Henley and Tanner “LaidToRest” Scadden, I'm focusing on my academics to maintain my 3.97 GPA. Cedar Point is my favorite thrill park - in general, you can say I'm a thrill seeker!

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