CRL Roster Announcement – Oxalate!

Dominoes are starting to fall for the upcoming Clash Royale League, and we’re kicking off our roster reveal by unveiling our returning captain – Ian “Oxalate” Smith! Oxalate has decided to re-join the Tribe for the upcoming Clash Royale League, and he’ll be bringing our roster a wealth of experience, alongside a championship mindset.

“Oxalate was the first ever player to join our Clash Royale division, and it’s an honor that he’s decided to re-sign with us for the inaugural Clash Royale League season. His accomplishments in 2017 clearly speak for themselves, and we’re going all-in on our mission to add another trophy to his collection this year. Stay tuned for more news on who will be joining our CRL roster alongside Oxalate extremely soon!”

– Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, Tribe Gaming CEO

“With the Clash Royale competitive scene going into full throttle, I’m extremely excited to be re-signing with Tribe for the Clash Royale League. The past year has been an incredible experience with Tribe, and I’m extremely optimistic about our future. I’ll continue working hard and trying to be the best player that I can be, and I can assure you that Tribe is a force to be reckoned with this year.“

– Ian “Oxalate” Smith

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Tribe Enters the Clash Royale League!

We’ve been anxious to reveal what we’ve been working on over last few months together with Supercell – and today is that day!

At Tribe, we’re ecstatic to have been selected to join 7 other iconic esports organizations in the newly minted Clash Royale league for North America. We’ve experienced the thrills of Clash Royale esports over the last year first-hand, and this year is set to bring a whole new level of excitement to the existing Clash Royale esports scene.

“Having worked with Supercell as an influencer since 2012, it’s been a long-standing goal of mine to collaborate with them on the future of mobile esports – and today marks the beginning of that journey. At Tribe, we’ve been heavily invested in Clash Royale esports over the last year & are excited as the competitive scene switches to a team-based format for 2018. We’re hard at work preparing our roster and support staff for the upcoming season – stay tuned announcements coming soon!”

– Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, Tribe Gaming CEO

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Tribe Vainglory – 2018 Roster Announcement

We’re pleased to welcome gabevizzle, Oldskool, and ILoveJoseph to the Tribe, as they join our 5V5 Vainglory roster for the upcoming VPL season. The trio was supremely dominant throughout 2017, having won both Unified Championships and placing third in the World Championship. We’re extremely excited to have their talent and skills on our team, and we hope that our fans welcome them to the Tribe with open arms.

“Adding on a star-studded trio like Gabe, Skool, and Joseph was a dream for us heading into the Vainglory Premier League. Our players have always been on friendly terms, and assembling this team was strictly based around one goal – defending our Vainglory World Championship. Not only do we have high aspirations competitively, but I’m also personally excited to work with the new trio on building up their brands, Twitch, and YouTube channels. DNZio has also expressed interest in helping them clickbait effectively.”

– Patrick ‘Chief Pat’ Carney

“When it comes to Tribe, they have a massive amount of resources that they provide. Whether it’s Chief Pat, who was one of the most influential people I looked up to in high school when it came to town hall bases, or their dedicated support staff that is second to none. I’m excited to be joining forces with Zio, who is the best clickbait carry in the world, as well as Max, who just makes unimaginable plays for days. This combination of talent is going to be killer.”

– Gabe ‘gabevizzle’ Villarin

“After winning the 2017 World Championship, our focus at Tribe immediately shifted towards winning another. Winning a World Championship requires the absolute best roster, support staff, preparation, and ownership. Knowing this, we worked diligently to assemble what we feel is the best team possible for the coming season. We are incredibly excited and prepared to work towards bring home a second Vainglory World Championship for Tribe. See you on Sovereign’s Rise!”

– Mark ‘HotSauceUT’ Harlan

Our completed roster for the 2018 VPL is as follows;

Top Lane: Gabe ’gabevizzle’ Villarin
Jungle: Joseph ‘ILoveJoseph’ Samano
Mid Lane: Riley ‘DNZio’ Haghian
Bot Lane: Gabriel ‘Oldskool’ Villamariona
Captain: Woo Hyun ‘MaxGreen’ Choi

Sub: Ray ‘ttigers’ Han
Sub: Alexander ‘Xelciar’ Matevosyan

Additionally, we’re thrilled to be bringing back ‘HotSauceUT’ as our head coach, with ‘Vyzeox and ‘pepetapia’ providing support as analysts for the team.

As a final note, ttigers expressed interest in pursuing a substitute role following the 2017 competitive season. We look forward to having him as part of the team, and ares providing valuable insight to our starting players.

Make sure to catch Tribe Vainglory this season in the VPL, and follow our Twitter and YouTube channels for any additional announcement around the league! #TRIBEWIN

Vainglory World Champions!

After a hard-fought weekend of games, we squared off again East Asia’s ACE Gaming in the Vainglory World Championship Grand Finals. While ACE was a worthy opponent, 5 games later we came out on top as the 2017 Vainglory World Champions.

We’re excited to have brought back North America’s very first Vainglory World Championship!

Electrify Stuns The Crowd at CR Worlds 2017

The Clash Royale World Championships 2017 was a rollercoaster of emotions and a thrilling experience for everyone. Tribe’s very own Electrify managed to advance to the quarterfinals after a stellar display of skills against Team Liquid’s CMcHugh. CMcHugh is a 2x RPL World Champion, Top 2 CCGS NA Spring & Fall Season and had back to back #1 global finishes under his belt.

Electrify, with a series of intricate interactions, outplayed CMcHugh in a miner poison mirror matchup. Despite being the underdog, he played miner masterfully. Electrify rose to the occasion and knocked out the tournament favorite, Team Liquid’s CMcHugh with a  decisive 2-0 victory.

In game 1,  Electrify banned Rocket, while CMcHugh banned Hog Rider.

Game 1
– Banning Rocket allows the Elixir Collector to thrive as CMcHugh goes with a defensive-orientated Pump/Graveyard deck.
– Electrify, knowing Pump could be troublesome, brought a Giant/Miner beatdown deck.
– Consequently, he was at no deficit playing vs CMcHugh’s Pump/Graveyard deck.
– He constantly applied pressure to CmcHugh with the Giant and did not allow CMcHugh any counter push potential.
– CMcHugh really needed an elixir advantage or units leftover on defense to mount any offensive presence with his Graveyard win condition.
– Electrify always netted positive elixir trades, and he wiped out CMcHugh’s defense before it could be converted into offense, as a tank for the Graveyard.
– CMcHugh had no counter push potential, which is the main premise of his deck.
– 43 seconds in, Electrify utilizes Tornado to ‘electrify’ his own King Tower with CMcHugh’s Electro Wizard!
– This was the pivotal play that secured Electrify the win.

Being on stage in front of thousands of people, Electrify’s play was not impaired. With all the pressure mounting, this technical play was extraordinary. Activating the king tower allows him to have another reliable way of dealing with CMcHugh’s Graveyard, eliminating his primary source of damage.

Electrify did not allow CMcHugh any room for comfort. His first graveyard was only casted at 2:53 minutes left in overtime–a true testament to Electrify’s relentless aggression. Due to the king tower activation, CMcHugh could not break through and get skeleton damage.

In the final moments, CMcHugh had to resort to primarily poisoning Electrify out for his only reliable damage. Electrify was able to ignore the threat of Fraveyard, so he was allowed to utilize his poison on offense.

His Miner/Poison combination was able to out damage CMcHugh and Electrify emerged victorious! Electrify secured the first game in adominating fashion with his calculated pressure, impressive king tower activation, and immaculate deck selection.

Game 2
Electrify stays true to his predilections and runs another Tornado/Miner/Poison cycle deck.

– CMcHugh, when backed into a corner, will always play control-oriented deck archetypes. In preparation for any Miner control deck he falls back on, Electrify made sure to incorporate tornado into his deck.

– Electrify ran a Miner/Poison deck with the Poison and Fireball bait cards of Furnace and Flying Machine.

– With 30 seconds left, Electrify counter pushes with a surprise cannon cart to draw out the Knight from CMcHugh. CMcHugh was previously using the Knight/Ice Spirit combination to Electrify was up 500 tower damage and was able ride to out the last 20 seconds of the game to secure the final win.

Defeating the world-class CMcHugh, it is evident Electrify’s skill is on the rise and Tribe Gaming is so proud of what he has achieved in this intense competition. We look forward to Tribe Gaming’s future in competitive Clash Royale tournaments with many exciting events happening in 2018.

Electrify Advances to CCGS Worlds in London

It’s official! Tribe Gaming’s very own Electrify has advanced to the world stage. While he was initially placed second and was ineligible for qualification due to ROW’s single spot in the finals, he was qualified just hours after the ROW finals due to a decision made by Clash Royale.

Tribe Gaming firmly believes in fair play and we are pumped up to see Electrify representing his country and Tribe Gaming at the Crown Championship World Finals, which is set to be held at the Copper Box Arena in London on 3 December 2017.

Electrify will be facing off with tough opponents from all around the world from every region. Here is the full list of players that will be competing in the finals (excluding the invitational).

North America
Music Master

Latin America
Adrian Piedra
Sergio Ramos


Southeast Asia


South Korea (TBD)
Hwang Sinwoong
Han SeungPyo

Little Chen

Rest of World

“It’s like a dream come true thank you very much.” @ElecTr1fy1

The invitational tournament will be played on 14 November 2017 to determine the last spot in the final 16 that will face off in the finals on 3 December 2017. The winner of CCGS World Finals will bring home US$150,000 and be officially crowned the world champion. You can catch the live streams on Clash Royale’s official YouTube channel.

Orange Tribe at Royale Premier League VI

In this RPL Americas VI season, the team of Orange Tribe have advanced to the Top 16 and will play in the regular season on 12 November 2017, live on YouTube Gaming and Twitch. Orange Tribe was created as a competitive team to showcase the best players from our clan family including Orange Juice and Tribe Gaming.

Royale premier League is the leading competitive league in Clash Royale and every season, we see the best of the best players and teams go head to head to win in every region.

This RPL season, Orange Tribe faces off with tough opponents from Nova eSports, Hashtag Gaming, Sandstorm, Team Queso and so much more.

On 12 November 2017, show your support to your favourite Orange Tribe players such as Oxalate, Electrify, Gio, Gilgamesh, Jmonte, Tin2, Trigo and so much more! This is Orange Tribe’s first ever RPL season and we look forward to more competitive opportunities to come.

Here is the full list of players from Orange Tribe that will compete:

ESWC 2017 PGW Recap

Last week, we saw thousands gather at one of the most highly-anticipated Esports events in the entire world–ESWC 2017 PGW. The games took place in Paris and we saw the best of the best pro Clash Royale players taking the spotlight in a series of games that happened over two days.

Tribe Gaming’s Tin2, Electrify and Oxalate played their specific group stages and did their very best.

Tin2 Wins The La Poste Sportsmanship Trophy

The most exciting part about the event was when Tin was presented the one and only La Poste Sportsmanship Trophy for the incredible sportsmanship that he displayed throughout the games.

Due to wifi connection problems in the event, many of the players disconnected in the midst of their games. Tin was by far the most understanding and generous player at ESWC, giving rematches to every single player that disconnected against him.

“I gave rematches to all the people that disconnected against me so I ended up playing 7 games against Joao, 6-7 against rypper and 6 against naginata. It was a total of 7 rematches.” – Tin2

The La Poste Sportsmanship Trophy is awarded every year to the player that displays true sportsmanship in the games. The winner is chosen based on the values carried by both the ESWC and traditional sports: fair play, respect of the rules, the organizing team and the opponent.

We are so delighted that Tin won the award and reflected Tribe’s own values in his actions.

“Playing on stage was exciting, would’ve loved it if my phone didn’t freeze during the game. I think I played a lot better on stage than I did in the CR area too.” -Tin2

Electrify’s First Ever Live Event

Electrify is Tribe’s latest addition to the CR Pro Team and ESWC 2017 was his first ever live event. His performance during the games was amazing and he managed to reach the bracket finals. While he did not clinch a trophy, Electrify fared really well despite this being his first ever live event.

Electrify has never trained for live events so ESWC 2017 was his official initiation to live Esports events. To say the least, he was electrifying⚡!

“I’m in the finals of CCGS ROW and that’s the biggest thing I have going now. Clash Royale is my favourite game and I really enjoy playing it. I have been a pro player for awhile now and I’m so excited to be a part of Tribe Gaming.” – Electrify

CCGS ROW is arguably not as competitive as the NA & EU regions so Electrify is looking to improve heavily in this game.

Electrify’s dedication and commitment to the game is evident from his hard work and the thrilling experiences he gained at ESWC has really motivated him to work even harder to lead Tribe Gaming to success.

“I look forward to future games and live events with Tribe Gaming. I don’t know what the future holds but I am so pumped for what’s to come.” – Electrify

Electrify Joins the Tribe!

Electrify Joins the Tribe!

Tribe Gaming is electrified⚡ to announce that Electrify (or ElecTr1fy) has joined the Tribe Gaming CR Pro Team. He will not only compete alongside Oxalate, Tin2 and Jmonte but also to continue to produce Clash Royale content for his YouTube Channel. Tribes very own Head of Content Orange Juice will use all his quality OJ to bring Electrify´s content to the next level, make sure to check out his channel here.

This Israeli player is well-known for his ladder pushing strategy videos where he showcases his immense skills in climbing up to the top of the ranks. Electrify often creates his own unique decks that many enjoy and copy.

He is not only huge on YouTube, as of recent he has also been dominating the ROW CCGS and is looking to qualify for Clash Royale World Finals early December in the Copper Box Arena, London.

With his insane skills, fantastic YouTube content and huge online presence in the community, we look forward to working alongside him as we move forward.

Make sure to follow Electrify´s progress in the ongoing ESWC on the Paris Games Week 2017 here.

Tweet him at to welcome him to the Tribe!

written by Cheryl 2.0

Tribe at ESWC PGW 2017

Tribe at ESWC PGW 2017

From 2 to 4 November 2017, players and teams go head to head to win the grand cash prize of €15,000 at the ESWC Paris Games Week 2017!

Oxalate and Tin2 are the Tribe’s representatives and have made it to the final 48. They will begin with a round robin stage with 8 groups of 6 players. If they emerge victorious, they will move on to the next stage on day 2.

The top 2 players of each group will be qualified in the winners bracket while the 3rd and 4th place will play in the lower bracket of the double elimination bracket. Players who rank 5th or 6th place will be eliminated.
Click here to check out the live bracket.

Oxalate was placed in group 4 where he will play against players such as Zhengquan from China and Italian player Pepe. Tin2 will go against the likes of pro players such as Hurma from Russia and TobiSpiritHawk from Germany.

All the best to the Tribe at ESWC PGW 2017!
*Update – Oxalate placed 2nd in #4 Group and will be going into the winners bracket on saturday

written by Cheryl 2.0