Razer x Tribe: Scholarship Program

Tribe and Team Razer are teaming up to issue a total of ten $1,000 scholarships to college students across the United States, geared towards the future thought leaders in both gaming and esports. As both Tribe and Razer continue to blaze an exciting new path within mobile gaming, we want to help give back and develop the next generation of leaders of our industry. And before you ask–yes, this isn’t just for mobile gamers! Any currently enrolled college student with a passion for gaming and esports is eligible to apply.

Active scholarships

Here all of the scholarships that are currently open for applications–make sure to check back frequently to see when the next new scholarship goes live!

Mobile Game Development

Conceptualize a mobile game and include thoughts on general game concept, game characters and mechanics, art style references, marketing approach, and overall strategy.

note: we are only looking for the game concept, we do not expect anyone to make the actual game (although if we like your idea enough, we’ll talk logistics of bringing it to reality!)

    Required Info

    Your School

    Proof of Enrollment

    Please upload proof of college enrollment here. This document should be an Enrollment Verification Form that is available from your university!


    Application deadline: September 30, 2021
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