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Tribe’s excited to announce our first venture into the ever-growing Battle Royale genre, and what better game to do it with than Fortnite Mobile? We’re also giving away Tribe Gaming jerseys, V-Bucks, and a Season Pass to celebrate our new Fortnite team, so read on for more details!

Debuting for the first time, we’re pleased to present #TRIBEFORTNITE’s competitive roster, comprised of DuckyTheGamer, EVO, J7, and Frisky!

DuckyTheGamer and EVO are both prolific Fortnite Mobile content creators on YouTube with over a combined 150,000 subscribers, and are absolute BEASTS—we’re so hyped to have them both joining the #TRIBEFAM.

Frisky and J7 aren’t to be underestimated, either – they’ve been absolutely dominating the Fortnite Mobile scene with their legendary dexterity and finesse. Our fearsome foursome’s sure to be a force to be reckoned with.

The smash hit by Epic Games with over 125 million players is developing a flourishing esports community, and Tribe Gaming is thrilled to be one of the first organizations that will compete in the Fortnite Mobile scene.

“Fortnite Mobile is quietly evolving to be a major force in the mobile space, and we’re excited to be entering the scene with a world-class team of players and content creators. I’m anxious to start working with the squad around growing their channels and brands, but just don’t rely on me for advice on how to actually play…” – Chief Pat, Tribe Gaming CEO

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We have high hopes for #TRIBEFORTNITE, and we’re so glad to have some of the most outstanding Fortnite Mobile players and content creators working with Tribe to make it happen. We can’t wait to show the Fortnite Mobile competitive scene what we’ve got!

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