Passionate about gaming, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of the mobile ecosystem since 2017. To do that, a solid brand is needed. Help us elevate the Tribe brand by downloading our official assets. Find below the main items to be taken into consideration when working with our brand, and for complete instructions, use our brand guidelines.


The Tribe logo is made up of two main elements: the symbol, and the wordmark.

Uniting sharp edges that represent Tribe’s aggressiveness and dominance in the competitive environment, with curves and rounded shapes that evoke our ability to innovate and adapt.

A classic, edgy and imposing symbol, blended with a modern and clean wordmark, accompanied by a vibrant, contrasting color palette, all come together to create a timeless and inspiring look.


There are three possible logo configurations: symbol-only, simple wordmark, and full composition. 

The preferred version is the symbol and should be used alone whenever possible.

For the full and simple wordmark, there are vertical and horizontal versions. The full version, or any variation besides what is displayed here, should only be used with approval from Tribe’s creative team.


Vibrance and contrast are key components of our visual identity. 

To create and enhance them, we use a deep red shade plus true black and white, to guarantee our bold looks.

Be sure to always use the correct shade of red, and prioritize clarity, balance, and contrast when composing with these colors.


Applications that do not follow the established rules here are not allowed. Find examples here: