2021 Call of Duty: Mobile World Champions!

December 6, 2021

Two year ago, we signed BoLu and Marshy with one goal in mind: win a World Championship.
Today, they delivered—We’re the first ever Call of Duty: Mobile World Champions!

This team, consisting of BoLu, Marshy, Chailds, Banned, Envy, & Image, had quite the year. From an early team change at the beginning of the year to BoLu breaking his arm right before CODM Masters, this team persevered through adversity to deliver a flawless performance on the biggest possible stage.

Ever since we won CODM Masters coming from the Losers Bracket, we vowed to make it easier on ourselves and strived to get to the Grand Finals of the World Championship through the top of the bracket. Not only did we accomplish that, but we did it with an overall map count of 24-3 (can I get a ‘sheeeeeeesh’).

We couldn’t be more happier than ending this year and our #ONETRIBE campaign off with a World Championship bang.

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