CRL Roster Announcement – B-rad!

April 23, 2018

Joining Oxalate, Tribe Gaming’s thrilled to announce our next CRL signing and newest addition to the Tribe Family!

A notoriously hard-working, passionate, and talented pro, we’re pleased to welcome Bradley, alias B-rad, to our Clash Royale League roster! Bringing to the table a slew of accomplishments, including 3rd place in the CCGS NA Fall Season, we’re certain B-rad’s unparalleled experience, insight, and mechanical skill will bring Tribe to the top.

“We’ve always respected B-rad’s skills at Tribe, and the fact that we’re able to combine forces for the CRL is a dream come true. He’ll bring a Canadian flair to our North American roster, and I’m personally looking forward to him asserting dominance with the miner against the highest level of competition. Stay tuned for more CRL roster announcements soon, we aren’t done yet!”

– Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, Tribe Gaming CEO

Tribe is beyond honored to have this boss, B-radical beast (see what we did there?) joining our family. We’re extremely optimistic about our already-stacked team, and we’re looking forward to a great Clash Royale League season. Stay tuned for more roster announcements!

Welcome home, B-rad!

More news about our Clash Royale roster will be coming soon – make sure to follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates on our journey to the World Championships. #TRIBEWIN


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