September 25, 2022

This year, we made it back to the Clash of Clans World Finals and let me tell you… we had all of the Villagers on their feet.

If you’ve watched Nebrax, Cronos, Fluxxy, Excosist, Riqirez, Knowledge, and Stephan, then you know that this team makes their presence known wherever they go. After securing their Golden Ticket from the Queso Cup, we worked endlessly to get ready for the grand stage in Helsinki.

From the start, we came out swinging. Winning our first two Wars put us in great position for the Winner’s Finals. After taking down last year’s runner up, QueeN Walkers, we made it to the Grand Finals! QueeN Walkers well walked their way through the Loser’s Finals for the ultimate Clash of Clans rematch, where they would have to beat us twice to take home the trophy. Unfortunately, they did just that and sent us home as the World Championship Runner Up.

We screamed, we yelled, but ultimately we didn’t prevail, however this is nothing that we should be keeping our heads down for. From finishing 3rd in 2021 to 2nd this year means that next year should be ours right? Kidding aside, this team made a special run that we will never forget. For now, it’s time to let our Heroes rest as we get ready for 2023. We won’t be away from the Village for long.

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