Introducing: Tribe Frags

June 11, 2022

Mobile FPS content is about to explode more than ever, welcome to Tribe Frags.

Led by co-owner Ferg alongside HawksNest, ImOw, and Godzly, Tribe Frags is the cultural center of mobile FPS. These four (plus special guests) will be taking the content ceiling and raising it to new heights.

“Launching Frags is an exciting new step for our company, and it gives us the unique opportunity to expand our content footprint with a premium sub-brand,” said our co-founder Jonathan Sakoucky.  “Mobile FPS has been rapidly growing, especially in 2022, and Frags is our new vehicle to give mobile-first fans what they want. Frags will allow us to produce content we’ve never had the opportunity to produce before – just check out episode one for proof!”

Episode one:

“I’ve never been this excited about a new project before – Frags is going to change the landscape of mobile gaming forever,” said Ferg”. “Being able to call myself a co-owner of Tribe still feels surreal. It was a no-brainer to not just re-sign, but to dive even deeper into helping Tribe reach new heights.”

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