March 2, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce an out of this world event. Introducing Mission: Galaxy, a mobile gaming live event in Las Vegas featuring ten top mobile gaming creators, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and a $15,000 prize – all taking place on March 6th at 4pm CT on our YouTube and Twitch channels.

Mission: Galaxy will feature two teams of five of the most legendary mobile gaming creators, with a combined following of over 10.6M fans across their channels. Battling in various mobile gaming challenges – some of which include devious punishments for defeat – the creators will collectively fight for both glory and prize money while wielding high-powered Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra devices.

Team one creators: Orange Juice Gaming, KairosTime Gaming, Vague, Lex, and Cori
Team two creators: Godzly, BenTimm1, natwithaheart, Rey, and Waseem

Creators will be competing on stage with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra devices. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform for Galaxy has been uniquely customized and optimized for the Galaxy S23 Series. This is a customized version that features accelerated performance uplifts to both the CPU and GPU making it the fastest Snapdragon ever.

More information on Mission: Galaxy can be found at https://tribegaming.gg/missiongalaxy/

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