Recap: Tribe Gaming at King’s Cup II

November 1, 2017

King’s Cup II has officially ended, and it was a blast! Over the weekend, Tribe Gaming had a few surprises for the fans. This included the huge announcement that Orange Juice has joined Tribe Gaming as the Head of Content, the launch of the Tribe Gaming jersey on and JMonte joining the Tribe.

The Tribe at King’s Cup II

Day 1 was power-packed with many games in the qualifying Heats for King’s Cup. Tin2 almost made it to the final Top 8, but fell slightly short at the very end. He played level 1 Bats in the heats and still finished as one of the top players! Impressive!

On Day 2, Trigo placed third in a side tournament, just below pro players Hazard and ah craaaap, that won him $200. Also, Gio drove 9 hours just to be at the King’s Cup. He finished in the Top 20 which is a spectacular feat.

Misplaced Rockets in the Quarter-Finals

While Tribe Gaming did not make it past the quarter-finals, the team, led by Chief Pat himself, did fantastically well. The Misplaced Rockets went head-to-head with Meta Maulers, led by Molt and put up a good fight.

  •       Chief Pat sweeps up the Tribe’s first win against Molt. Molt’s splashyard deck was no match for Pat’s Golem/Cannon Cart beatdown.
  •      Pat whips out his secret card in Game 2–Sparky. He picks up his second win over Molt as the Meta Maulers send down their second contender–TMD Yao Yao.
  •      Pat loses his first game in the finals to Yao Yao’s Giant/Miner/Poison deck, despite a valuable rocket play at the start of the game.
  •      Again, Pat suffered a loss in the second game against Yao Yao’s Mortar deck, unable to keep up with Yao Yao’s faster elixir cycle with his heavier X-Bow/Sparky deck.
  •      Jake (aka Tag), comes up next against TMD Yao Yao. Tag breaks Yao Yao’s string of wins with aggressive Hog Rider plays and an unbeatable Exe-nado defence.
  •      However, in game 2 with Yao Yao, he loses out to Yao Yao’s well-timed Golem pushes.
  •      Tag strikes out in game 3 in a Giant vs Giant match. Yao Yao constantly had the elixir advantage against him and hard counters such as the Poison and Inferno Dragon.
  •      Oxalate is the final contender of the Misplaced Rockets. Oxalate sweeps game 1 with his aggressive Goblin Barrels
  •      However, in game 2, Oxalate could not control Yao Yao’s big Giant pushes with his Graveyard deck and eventually loses the game.
  •      In the final game, Oxalate brings out the under-used Flying Machine! But it was no match for Yao Yao’s huge Golem pushes.

Despite the losses, the Misplaced Rockets did Tribe Gaming proud! Orange Juice’s Vitamin C managed to place third in the finals, behind Ted’s Sparky Masters. Clash With Ash’s Viva La Sparky takes home the King’s Cup II trophy after riveting plays by Surgical Goblin against Atchiin in the final rounds that had everyone on the edge of their seats.


written by Cheryl 2.0

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