November 16, 2023

It’s finally time to break bad, because this year we’re Shaping Greatness!

There’s only one thing that can get Hank Schrader more excited than minerals and that’s Worlds 2023. Tribe won’t be missing any of the action as we’re participating in all four of the games we compete in! With so much glory and money on the line, even Heisenberg would be jealous.

Join your favorite DEA agent and watch our teams try to become, once again, the best in the world.

Brawl Stars: Jönköping, November 24th-26th
Clash of Clans: Helsinki, November 24th-26th
Clash Royale: Helsinki, November 24th-26th
Call of Duty Mobile: Atlanta, December 15th-17th 

Don’t forget to check our Fan Kit, where custom profile pictures, headers, GIFs and wallpapers are waiting for you to use. Show the world that we’re Shaping Greatness together! 

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