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Welcome to the Tribe, Boeufmac! | Clash Royale

Where’s the boeuf? 🐄

The third in line of our 2020 Clash Royale roster, today we announced that Boeufmac would be joining the Tribe—welcome! Coming to Tribe from the United Kingdom, he certainly seems fit for the throne…


Previously a player on Team Liquid and NRG, Boeufmac comes to us loaded with both skills and competitive experience. Joining Azilys and TNT as players, and led by our coach Sean, you can be sure this team will knock any 2020 Clash Royale competitions out of the water. Be sure to follow Boeufmac on Twitter!

We can’t wait to get started with this squad, and we’ve got some more surprises in-store for any Clash fans out there!

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