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April All-Stars | Brawl Stars EU April Monthly Champions!

Our EU Brawl Stars team are champions once again!

After placing 2nd at the hands of rivals SK Gaming in the March Finals, Tom, Drage, and Yoshi did not want a repeat in the April Finals. This time, we aimed for first place, 100 Brawl Stars Championship Points, and $9,000 in prize money.

The team burst out of the gate with sweeps over STMN Esports EU and Totem Esports. They faced CraZe Clan in the finals, where they started with a 2-0 lead. 

They narrowly escaped a CraZe reverse sweep, clinching not just the April Monthly Finals, but the top spot in the region and a ticket to MSI.

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Major 3 Champions! | Wild Rift

Our Wild Rift team meant business at WNS Major 3, clearing out the competition while avoiding a single match loss!

Chuck, ttigers, Starting, DNZio, and MaxGreen were electric from start to finish. After starting with clean sweeps against Demons and SAINT, they continued their run by slapping SuzakuGG 2-0 – securing our spot in the Grand Finals.

Capping off a long day of play, we swept SuzakuGG in the finals – not only did that make us Major 3 champions, but it punched our ticket to the WNS Season 1 Finals in Minnesota!

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Tribe Gaming announces collaboration with Mavia

AUSTIN, TX (March 17th, 2022) – Tribe Gaming is announcing its first foray into P2E gaming, via an official collaboration with Mavia – a play-to-earn MMO strategy game developed by Skrice Studios. 

With top mobile gaming creators, and the leading mobile gaming competitive teams globally – including a recent 2021 World Championship in Call of Duty: Mobile – Tribe is expanding its initiatives to include blockchain gaming.

Through the collaboration, Tribe has acquired dozens of land based NFTs in Mavia, where Tribe branding will uniquely appear in the game.

“At Tribe, we’ve been carefully examining the right P2E project to integrate Tribe IP inside of, and collaborating with Mavia is an exciting opportunity,” said Patrick Carney, Founder and CEO at Tribe Gaming. “We’re bullish on the future of the project, and we’re looking forward to see the continued development of Mavia as the game gets closer to launch.”

Yvan Feusi, Executive Producer at Skrice Studios, said “Our team could not be happier to have Tribe as an official partner of Mavia. As we continue to push our game further into the space of competitive gaming and esports, it is essential that we work closely with seasoned veterans of this space. Not only does Tribe have the biggest content creators in the mobile gaming space, but they also have the experience and aptitude to help Mavia develop its potential to become a blockbuster blockchain gaming title.”

About Tribe Gaming

Tribe Gaming was founded in 2017 by mobile gaming superstar Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney to drive the growth of mobile media, entertainment and esports. Exclusively representing some of the biggest names in mobile content and most talented players in esports, Tribe’s powerhouse of creators have garnered over 29 million fans and 100+ million monthly views on YouTube alone, and Tribe’s esports teams compete in five major mobile titles. Tribe Gaming is based in Austin, Texas with employees located around the world. Follow the Tribe on Twitter (@TribeGaming) or at

About Mavia 

Heroes of Mavia is a play-to-earn MMO Strategy game developed by Skrice Studios. The game takes place in a fantasy-themed island called Mavia, where players build bases on plots of land and battle neighboring bases and armies to earn in-game resources, such as Mavia’s P2E cryptocurrency RUBY. Players must strategically place defensive buildings on their base such as walls, turrets and traps, in order to defend against opportunistic attackers looking to steal resources. Resources can also be stolen from rival bases through attacking opponents with land troops, vehicle and air units. RUBY is earned through battling enemy armies, and can be used to upgrade Land, Statue and Hero NFTs.

Welcome to the Tribe, ImOw!

We’re expanding into the Outlands with an Apex Legend—welcome to the Tribe, ImOw!

After creating content for two years in various FPS mobile games, ImOw is ready to take over as our first Apex Legends content creator. From tips and tricks to absolute lobby domination, he has everything you need to get you ready for the game’s global launch. Just like you, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be hot droppin’ into another incredible mobile shooter.

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Champions of March! | Brawl Stars

Dominance. That’s one word that can describe our run in the North American Monthly Finals.

Cori, TyrantStar, Zoulan, and Ezlivi only dropped three maps against their opponents, with a 2-0 sweep against no u eSports, a 3-1 win over STMN Esports, and a 3-2 nailbiter over Avengers in an exhilarating Grand Final.

The win gave the team 100 championship points, putting them on top of the leaderboard in NA & Latin America’s standings. 

Despite the team losing in April’s monthly final to STMN Esports, the boys have stayed at the top of the standings, clinching an invite to MSI later this year.

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Welcome to the Tribe, Waseem!

Don’t let Chief Pat fool you, this is the real deal—welcome to the Tribe, Waseem!

If you haven’t seen a patented Waseem YouTube video, you’re truly missing out. From playing reverse controls in Brawl Stars for a week, to doing 100 different challenges in 24 hours, Waseem knows what it means to create A-tier content. Already having four videos with over one million views, we’re confident that he will continue to show off why he’s the next big thing in mobile gaming.

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2022 Clash Royale Roster Announcement

The Clash Royale League is back, and when we say we’re stoked to jump back into the Arena – we mean it. This year, we’ve brought on a new superstar to complement a Tribe fan favorite…

Introducing our 2022 Clash Royale Roster: Wallace, Lucas, coach Jose, and analyst Marsiglia!

Wallace and Lucas are looking to show that once again, they’re two of the best Clash Royale players in history of Clash Royale. Both are coming off a World Finals appearance in 2021, and are hungry to cement their legacies with a top placement in this years circuit. A Wallace vs. Lucas final at the end of the year? Don’t bet against it.

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2022 Call of Duty: Mobile Roster Announcement

We’re ready to go back-to-back… and then some.
Introducing our 2022 Call of Duty: Mobile Roster – BoLu, Marshy, Vague, Jezz, and Slothy!

When people ask the question, “who’s the best CODM team?” the answer has to be this team. The return of BoLu and Marshy for a third straight year is going to be huge when it comes to teamwork and synergy amongst the team! The three new additions will have some big shoes to fill, but make no mistake, they’re hungry for their first taste of a World Championship.

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2022 Brawl Stars NA Roster Announcement

The kings of North America are back, and they’ve brought a fourth into the mix.

Introducing our 2022 Brawl Stars NA Roster: Cori, Zoulan, Tyrant, Ezlivi, coach Rol!

The addition of Ezlivi brings our already star-studded roster to a whole new level. The first Monthly Qualifier kicks off in two days and North America isn’t ready for what’s to come.

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2022 Brawl Stars EU Roster Announcement

The Brawl Arena is officially open for the new season, and we couldn’t be more excited to hit the Brawl Ball Fields running. Thanks to the Brawlr app, we’ve found our third.

Introducing our 2022 Brawl Stars EU Roster: Tom, Drage, Yoshi, and coach Javiv0!

Yoshi was the perfect match for this roster, and we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish this year. With Europe being one of the toughest regions in all of Brawl Stars, this roster is ready to show that they can be the best in not only their respective region, but in the world.

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