April 26, 2024

The pro days are over, the oiling up days are just beginning—welcome to the Tribe, SpenLC!

There’s no need for introduction. Everybody knows Spen, how he became the first Brawl Stars World Champion, and how he demolished our competitors as a Tribe Gaming EU member. The day he left Tribe and the pro scene altogether was a sad day for all Brawl fans. But now he’s back and ready to take over the content scene. 

He was a beast as a player, but his skills were transferred to content creation. His knowledge of the game and every interaction can help even the worst player (SK fans) climb up the leaderboards. Brawler rankings, trophy pushes and top ranked gameplay are only a few of what Spen has to offer in his channel, which counts 240,000 subscribers. If you’re not one already, make that number 240,001.

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