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Welcome to the Tribe, Nitram! | #TRBCR

Today, the Tribe’s thrilled to unveil the final member of our Clash Royale League squad. Welcome to the Tribe, Nitram!

The 17 year-old hails from Mendoza, Argentina and has been active in the Clash Royale scene for over two years. With an impressive competitive resume, we’re certain our squad’s in top shape for competition – coming soon! Nitram’s competitive achievements include:

  • ESWC Paris 2017 Top 16
  • RPL World Champion, 2018
  • RCC World Champion, 2018
  • Argentina National Team Member

With Nitram, that makes all five members of our Clash Royale League 2019 roster! He’ll be playing alongside B-rad, Jmonte, TOMMY, and Spades, with support from our two coaches, Eelke and Mad Raider. Follow Nitram on Twitter!

The whole team’s soon to arrive at our Clash Royale team house in Los Angeles, California – are you as hyped for this season as we are?

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