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ESL One—We’re Going to New York! | PUBG MOBILE

After a grueling season of battles, Tribe PUBG MOBILE has officially secured fourth place in the PUBG Mobile Open, and a trip to Brooklyn, New York to compete as one of the 10 best North American squads at ESL One this September!

We’re incredibly pleased with the team’s performance in their first tournament under the Tribe—now, all that’s left for the team to do is get some chicken dinners later this month. GGWP!

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We’re Entering PUBG MOBILE—Welcome to the Tribe, #TRBPUBGM!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to finally announce Tribe Gaming’s entry into one of the world’s most popular, influential, and competitive games—PUBG MOBILE.

Welcome to the Tribe, #TRBPUBGM! 

As a mobile-focused esports organization, PUBG Mobile epitomizes everything we love about esports. It’s hugely accessible and popular (PUBG MOBILE ranks near the top of all games with the most active players in the entire world!), and has a vibrant competitive scene that we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of. We’re thrilled to be embarking on this venture and we couldn’t think of a better squad to represent Tribe Gaming in competitive PUBG MOBILE.

We’ve acquired the former Omen Elite team comprised of players 46Memo, Lucifer Vuitton, CguT, RoiiDz, and Outsider9k. With over $35,000 in combined team winnings on the battlegrounds, our roster’s definitely tried-and-tested—we see a lot more chicken dinners in our future.

The Tribe couldn’t be more amped up to start seeing this squad in action.

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