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#TRBBS LATAM and NA Advance to the Regional Finals! | Brawl Stars

It’s been a whirlwind week for Tribe Brawl Stars.

Earlier this week, we officially signed a Latin American team to compete for the Tribe, and in their first-ever tournament, they took home 2nd place in the Brawl Stars LATAM Open, securing their place in the regional finals!


Tribe Brawl Stars NA had their turn today, giving us back-to-back qualifications—Alec, Zhar, and Keeth defeated the competition to claim 1st place, and solidified their spot at the NA regional finals as well.


We’re incredibly proud of both teams and we can’t wait to see them crush the competition at the regional finals—these two squads will be giving it their all to earn their spots at the Brawl Stars World Championship in South Korea later this year. Let’s get it!

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Welcome to the Tribe, Zoulan, Morton, and Dark! | Brawl Stars

Today, the Tribe’s thrilled to announce that we’ve added a second team of Brawl Stars pro players to our roster. We’ve brought on the Puerto Ricans Zoulan and Dark, as well as the Costa Rican Morton, to play under Tribe Gaming’s flag as our first-ever Latin American team.

As Brawl Stars fanatics, the Tribe’s followed the competitive Brawl Stars scene closely, and we absolutely love the passion and level of competition shown by players in LATAM. We couldn’t be happier to welcome these three exemplary players and members of the community into the Tribe.

They’ll be competing in the Brawl Stars World Championship qualifiers soon, and vying to earn the Tribe a spot in the coveted World Finals in South Korea this November.

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