Tribe Gaming at King’s Cup II & jerseys

October 28, 2017

Tribe Gaming at King’s Cup II


The long awaited King’s Cup 2 is finally here and Tribe Gaming is proud to be in Atlanta, Georgia for this event. Our very own Chief Pat and Oxalate have teamed up as “Misplaced Rockets” and will be representing the Tribe at King’s Cup II, alongside popular YouTube creators and pro players. 

This crowd-favourite event has returned this year, bigger and better. Over 500 players will take part in the Heats and the best of the best will move on to the final top 8, where they will earn a chance to play with the YouTube Creator teams in the final elimination brackets. 

In the finals, each team will have 3 players, including one of the public participants who have made it to the top 8. Here, they will decide who gets to play each game in a BO3 format, using 2 different decks with at least 3 different cards. The very last part of the tournament is the grand finals where teams go head-to-head in a BO5 format, using 3 different decks. 

Tribe Gaming’s Tin2 will be doing his best to move up the ranks in the qualifying heats. Throw him some confetti to support him on his progress!

It is a must to catch this year’s King’s Cup II as all of NA’s best players will be at Atlanta for the tournament, alongside some of Asia and Europe’s pro players.  Join the likes of popular names such as CMchugh, Surgical Goblin, Adrian Piedra, Mthja, Batman, TMD Aaron, Tag and so much more. 

Catch all the action and cheer on The Tribe live and exclusive on YouTube Gaming. 


Tribe Gaming is proud to announce and welcome @JMonte_CR to the Tribe! As one of the finalists of CCGS NA, this talented pro player is a huge asset for Tribe Gaming and we are so excited to have him on board!

Follow his King’s Cup II progress on Twitter @JMonte_CR


We also just launched our very own Tribe jersey on!

Partnering up with, we have created an awesome jersey that you can rock. This is the first ever Tribe Gaming official jersey and you can expect more to come in the future.

Grab yourself a Tribe jersey at

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