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July 27, 2021

Mobile gaming will never be the same—we’re stoked to announce that we’ve received a strategic investment from Spurs Sports & Entertainment!

Spurs Sports & Entertainment operate a number of different sports franchises with the most widely known being the San Antonio Spurs. This opens many opportunities for long-term collaborations, content series, co-branded marketing efforts and more to help us dominate the world of mobile esports together.

“Tribe Gaming and its founder Patrick Carney are visionaries” praised Joe Donnelly, Associate Vice President of Corporate Development for SS&E. “Through their innovative approach, unique culture and strategic leadership, they have transformed the mobile gaming lifestyle into a thriving business with a global fanbase.”

Patrick Carney, Founder and CEO for Tribe Gaming proclaimed his excitement for the partnership; “Bringing SS&E into the Tribe Gaming family is a massive milestone for our company.” Massive milestone indeed. SS&E is the first traditional sports team in North America to invest in a mobile gaming organization.

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