Welcome to the Tribe, TNT! | Clash Royale

February 21, 2020

Boom goes the dynamite!

We’re elated to drop this bomb on the Clash Royale world—today, we announced that we’re bringing the Korean Clash Royale star TNT to Tribe Gaming!


This marks the first time a player from the CRL Asia region has been imported to North America—we’ve always been trailblazers, I guess. We couldn’t be happier to have TNT’s talent on our side as we go into Clash Royale competitions in 2020.

TNT marks the second addition, after Azilys, to our Clash Royale roster for 2020. We’re more excited than ever to enter this year of competitions with this team, and we’re feeling like the kings of the world. 👑 You can follow TNT on Twitter!

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