November 29, 2023

The weekend is over, but we’re done when we say we’re done. 

Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale were on the menu and we definitely cooked. With dozens of fans and creators traveling to Jönköping and Helsinki, equipped with hundreds of red “KISS MY AXE” and Tribe stickers, we were able to support our teams and show that this year we’re Shaping Greatness together.

However, not everything went as planned. Our Clash of Clans team suffered a first round loss against Clash Champs, the team that two days later would go on to lift the trophy, sending us to the lower bracket. We were sure, though, that a lower bracket run was more than possible and the second day of competition brought us even more hope with a perfect War against Early Attax. But before the day was over, Navi managed to knock us out by one star, proving that on this level even the slightest of errors (like our 98% and 99% attacks) can make a huge difference.

Brawl Stars was next and we started off with a bang. Two back-to-back dominant victories against two very strong opponents, Reply Totem and Navi, were enough to qualify us for Sunday as first of our group. Everything was looking great and we found out we’d be up against SK Gaming, a long-awaited match against our rivals. It’s almost a tradition for us to beat them in every World Finals (and social meme battle) but this time was different. Our 1-0 lead quickly turned into 1-3 and we were eliminated.

Wallace had a similar start with our Clash of Clans team, as Pandora sent him to the lower bracket early. Later that day Wallace showed Not Afraid that he should really #FEARTHETRIBE, since with his 2-0 win he secured his spot in the second day of competition. However, Ardentoas was there to stop him and lock down his top twelve finish.

We may not bring back a trophy but Worlds season is not over for us. Call of Duty: Mobile is our last and only hope to be crowned World Champions for 2023. Our history would suggest that our hopes will become reality, but there’s only one thing we can do and that’s wait until December 15th.

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