CRL Roster Announcement—Jmonte!

May 18, 2018

Anotha one. 🔑

Today, we’re pleased to introduce the fourth member of our CRL lineup! You may already know him as the dab-master, dance god and king of the Clash Royale Arena… Justin “Jmonte” Montalbano!
A multi-talented player, he’s notorious for his unparalleled dance moves, along with his slick Clash Royale skills, which earned him a top 8 placement in the North American CCGS Fall Season, top 8 at the SXSW Super Magical Cup, and number one in our hearts.

“I am super thankful to have such talented teammates who really care about the game. Excited to put a lot of hard work in and be available wherever and whenever these guys need me. Simply put, #THEBOYS.”

-Justin “Jmonte” Montalbano

Already a long-time member of the #TRIBEFAM, we’re elated to continue having his talent as a substitute in our squad, this time representing Tribe in the Clash Royale League! With his teammates Oxalate, B-rad, and Tommy, Tribe’s already got the competition quaking in their boots.

“Jmonte has not only proven to be a world-class dancer at Tribe, but a top-tier player as well. With a top-8 finish in both Fall CCGS and the SXSW Open Play event, he’s poised for a breakout season in the Clash Royale League, and we’re amped to have him join our roster for the upcoming split. He’ll also be producing a ton of content while living in our team house in Los Angeles, so be sure to follow him on Twitch for some top notch streams!”

-Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, Tribe Gaming CEO

Jmonte’s sure to make his mark on the Clash Royale arena this CRL season. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and Twitch!

Are you an aspiring Clash Royale player with the ambition to be a pro like Jmonte? Tribe Academy is searching for competitive players with the drive to make it to the top!
Apply to Tribe Academy here. 

More news about our Clash Royale roster will be coming soon – make sure to follow us on TwitterYouTubeFacebook, and Instagram for the latest updates on our journey to the World Championships. #TRIBEWIN

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