We’re Entering Pro Flappy Bird! | #TRIBEFLAPPY

Today, Tribe makes history by being the first-EVER esports organization to sign a professional team in one of the world’s most beloved, skillful, and timeless games – Flappy Bird.

As a professional esports organization, we believe that Flappy Bird represents the pinnacle of competition, mechanics, strategy, innovation, competition, and teamwork in a never-before-seen way. Truly unlike any other mobile title in the world, we believe Flappy Bird is on its way to becoming the world’s number one esports title in the world. Clash Royale who? I don’t know her.

Though there may only be dozens of Flappy Bird players in the world, we believe we’ve brought together the five best of them for #TRIBEFLAPPY. In fact, in the name of our quest to become the best Flappy Bird team in existence, Chief Pat, B-rad, Lex, Kairos, and Rlight will be leaving their Clash Royale and Brawl Stars careers behind to exclusively pursue competitive Flappy Bird – we’re serious about this game, and we strongly believe in its competitive future.

Our players have been training for years to hone their skill at the most difficult game ever known to man, with strict training regimens consisting of hours-long bathroom breaks to play, you guessed it, Flappy Bird. Through strenuous exercises building their strength and dexterity, all of the players on our roster are able to do a hundred pushups with their index fingers alone, and can tap a touchscreen – a core tenet of Flappy Bird’s gameplay – at a remarkable rate of one million taps a minute. Don’t ask us how that’s possible – they’re just that good.

We know the game hasn’t been available in app stores since 2014, but here at Tribe, we don’t let silly barriers like the game not being available in app stores or a lack of competitive Flappy Bird tournaments limit us – we don’t let our dreams be memes.

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