December 17, 2023

And with that, the Worlds 2023 season comes to an end.

Call of Duty: Mobile was our last hope to be named World Champions for another year in a row. Changes in the roster, upset stomachs and missing pillows couldn’t stop us from believing. We went in with our heads high, knowing that the stakes are high too and that Tribe’s CODM legacy had to be continued. The result was not what we hoped for, but the legacy does continue.

The Swiss Stage was one to be remembered. What started off as a 1-0 against Powerhouse International, quickly turned into a 1-2 after two close matches against LG and TLE. One more loss and we were out, but saying goodbye on Day 1 wasn’t in our plans. Mayhem and Volt were the teams that paid the price, since our back-to-back wins against them led to their elimination.

The dream continued for another day. Our goal for Saturday was to Shape Greatness once again, but Wolves were there to crush our dream. A complete sweep, the worst ending possible to our Worlds season. Wolves would eventually go on to win the whole thing, so we can say that we lost to the World champs at least (tries not to cry). 

Sounds like Worlds was a failure this year, right? No trophies, no podium positions, not even a win against SK. What if we told you #ShapingGreatness was a success? And that’s because of you! We shaped greatness together. Not just on stage, but on the audience chairs, on the streets and on socials. Worlds brought us together and that’s what matters the most. Win or lose, we’re still united, we’re still Shaping Greatness and we’re still Tribe.

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