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Tribe Gaming and MOVE Network unveil limited edition NFT collaboration

AUSTIN, TX (November 23, 2021) — Tribe Gaming and MOVE reveal key details of their limited edition NFT collaboration, which revolve around Tribe Gaming’s media, esports, and cause-based NFT drops. 

Tribe Gaming, in collaboration with MOVE Network, will be releasing a series of limited edition NFTs for auction. The NFTs will each unlock unique and bespoke perks, experiences, and opportunities within the Tribe universe for the holder. Tribe will be donating all of their proceeds to the Quest to Conquer Cancer fundraising initiative.

The first NFT series for auction is entitled, “One Tribe”, the tagline that unifies all six of Tribe’s world-championship-qualified teams in their quest to bring home the hardware. The owners of these editions will get access to various perks, including: private gaming sessions with Tribe creators and professionals, exclusive, not-for-sale ‘One Tribe’ merchandise, and social media amplification. 

In addition, MOVE Network and Tribe will mint exclusive commemorative NFTs for Tribe’s in-house operated esports series, MSTRS.  MOVE Network will also be the presenting sponsor for the MSTRS’ weekly MVP award–entitled ‘Makin’ Moves’–in which the most valuable player of the week will receive a special NFT immortalizing their performance. 

As NFTs and how they interface with gaming communities continue to evolve, we want to be in front when it comes to intertwining experiences and opportunities with these tokens. Escaping the ‘JPEG-FOR-SALE’-dynamic most folks have been exposed to will not be a short task,” said Brian Ta, Director of Partnerships for Tribe Gaming, “but with MOVE Network, we’re able to get creative to commemorate competitive results, provide exclusive access to the Tribe network, raise funds for various causes, and preserve those special moments in gaming that we hold so dear. In the end, we don’t want to be limiting the innovative technology by simply putting pictures on the blockchain; it’s all about elevating the Tribe experience, and we’re proud to say MOVE Network is helping us get there.

Whether it is commemorating competitive triumphs for its esports teams or celebrating venerable milestones for its creators, Tribe provides a multiplicity of NFT possibilities that is relatively unmatched across the gaming space,” said Edwin Lun, Group CEO of Move Network, “however, when these moments are minted into digital collectibles and then coupled with unique Tribe experiences or merchandise, that’s when something truly special is created for fans, and that’s what we intend to do.”

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About Tribe Gaming

Tribe Gaming was founded in 2017 by mobile gaming superstar Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney to drive the growth of mobile media, entertainment and esports. Exclusively representing some of the biggest names in mobile content and most talented players in esports, Tribe’s powerhouse of creators have garnered over 29 million fans and 100+ million monthly views on YouTube alone, and Tribe’s esports teams compete in five major mobile titles. Tribe Gaming is based in Austin, Texas with employees located around the world. Follow the Tribe on Twitter (@TribeGaming) or at https://www.tribegaming.gg.

About MOVE Network 

MOVE Network is a leading NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products and a thought leader in the NFT space.  MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to capture value by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, create, and auction NFTs.  Users can utilize MOVE Network to own and trade NFT IPs in entertainment, music, artwork, and esports. With its recent partnerships, MOVE Network also aims to be the leading mobile gaming and esports NFT platform. Follow MOVE Network on Twitter (@movemovenetwork) or at https://www.movenetwork.io/.

About Quest To Conquer Cancer

Quest to Conquer Cancer is a fundraising event that empowers gamers to impact the world.

Quest to Conquer Caners goal is to seek to rally the global gaming community to put their passion for conquering games towards conquering cancer. How? By banding together with creators from across the internet to rally their communities together hosting charity streams to end this terrible disease. Follow Quest to Conquer Cancer on Twitter (@Quest2Conquer) or at https://questtoconquercancer.com/ .


Tribe Gaming

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MOVE Network


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Telegram: https://t.me/movenetwork
Twitter: @movemovenetwork

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZP8aJZmm

Quest to Conquer Cancer:

MOVE Network

[email protected]

Telegram: https://t.me/movenetwork
Twitter: @movemovenetwork

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZP8aJZmm

Quest to Conquer Cancer:

Welcome to the Tribe, Galadon and CarbonFin! | #TEAMTRIBE

Creator HYPE! We’re thrilled to finally announce that we’ve brought on two more of your favorite mobile gaming creators onto Team Tribe. Welcome to the Tribe, CarbonFin and Galadon!

Both creators making Clash of Clans content, CarbonFin and Galadon were perfect fits for the Tribe, especially considering our very own Chief’s roots in the game. (PlayClashofClans, anyone?)

CarbonFin is an esports commentator, streamer, and YouTuber specializing in competitive Clash of Clans strategy and content. You can subscribe to him on YouTube and follow him on Twitch!

Galadon is one of the OGs of Clash of Clans YouTube – he and the Chief go way back (since they’re father and son, after all!). Subscribe to Galadon on YouTube here!

Expect to see both Galadon and CarbonFin in future episodes of #TEAMTRIBE available on our YouTube channel! We’re ecstatic to have these two Clash legends onboard, and we can’t wait to get started with them in our ever-growing repertoire of the world’s best mobile gaming creators.

Check out the Tribe on social media!

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Welcome, Bumm and Vale! Roster Swap | Clash of Clans

Tribe Clash of Clans is pleased to welcome two new players to the team—welcome to the Tribe, Bumm and Vale!

Bumm and Vale will be replacing Mudtke and Sebix on our Clash of Clans roster, but the two will continue to remain within the Tribe family.

Our new roster will be competing for their share of a whopping $1,000,000 at the Clash of Clans World Championship this October in Hamburg, Germany, as one of eight of the best teams in the world vying for the crown—we’re dying to see what this squad can accomplish on the world stage. Get your tickets for ESL One Hamburg here!

For more updates on #TRBCOC’s journey to Hamburg, follow Tribe Gaming on social media!

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Qualified for World Championships! | #TRIBECOC

Just earlier this week, we announced that we’d acquired a Clash of Clans pro team, a historic first in the game’s long competitive history. We’re pleased to say that our team’s already made a splash in the competitive scene, as the first team to qualify for the first-ever Clash of Clans World Championship!

Our squad of decorated veterans battled and three-starred their way through pre-qualifiers among thousands of the best Clash of Clans players in the world, to earn their spot at the March Katowice Offline Qualifiers for a shot at the $1 million prize pool.

From there, they traveled to Katowice, Poland to compete against seven other top teams and cemented their spot in the semifinals after a cutthroat group stage. After an incredible last-second 3-star from our captain, Itzu, against blaze.JP, we were off to the playoff finals, against DK 2nd Brigade, where we defeated them in a well-fought best of three series!

We’re hyped the first team to punch our ticket to the ESL One World Finals, and we can’t wait to see the competition unfold at the Clash of Clans World Champions in October, where the eight best teams in the world will be competing for guts and glory. We’ve already made history, and we don’t plan on stopping!

To follow #TRIBECOC’s path to the World Finals, follow us on social media!

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