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Welcome to the Tribe, Galadon and CarbonFin! | #TEAMTRIBE

Creator HYPE! We’re thrilled to finally announce that we’ve brought on two more of your favorite mobile gaming creators onto Team Tribe. Welcome to the Tribe, CarbonFin and Galadon!

Both creators making Clash of Clans content, CarbonFin and Galadon were perfect fits for the Tribe, especially considering our very own Chief’s roots in the game. (PlayClashofClans, anyone?)

CarbonFin is an esports commentator, streamer, and YouTuber specializing in competitive Clash of Clans strategy and content. You can subscribe to him on YouTube and follow him on Twitch!

Galadon is one of the OGs of Clash of Clans YouTube – he and the Chief go way back (since they’re father and son, after all!). Subscribe to Galadon on YouTube here!

Expect to see both Galadon and CarbonFin in future episodes of #TEAMTRIBE available on our YouTube channel! We’re ecstatic to have these two Clash legends onboard, and we can’t wait to get started with them in our ever-growing repertoire of the world’s best mobile gaming creators.

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Welcome to the Tribe, HawksNest and Ferg! | #TEAMTRIBE

Did you find all our New Years’ clues and guess this one, too?

In addition to bringing on Molt and NickatNyte to the Tribe, we’re also pleased to be welcoming Ferg and HawksNest to the Tribe—welcome!

We’re thrilled to have these two FPS gods in the mix, and we think Hawks and Ferg both couldn’t be better additions to our lineup of content creators! Plus, Hawks and Ferg are also rising stars on TikTok, which we hear is hip with the kids…

The Tribe couldn’t be more excited to get our weekly #TEAMTRIBE series started again, but with Ferg and Hawks as new members of our community. Maybe they’ll teach our more boomer members how to get good at shooters…?

We’ve got even more plans for the Tribe in 2020, and we definitely couldn’t accomplish it all without these two icons at Tribe. Stay tuned to our social media to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Tribe Gaming news!

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Welcome to the Tribe, Molt and NickatNyte! | #TEAMTRIBE

Some of you guessed it, and some of you found all our clues pointing to this…

We’re overjoyed to be welcoming two of our longtime friends, and some of our favorite content creators to the Tribe! Welcome, Molt and NickatNyte!

Molt and Nick are both some of the most iconic and storied mobile gaming content creators, and we at Tribe go way back with the two—throwback to 2016 with Pat and the boys!

With our history, and with how much we love their Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and other mobile gaming content, it made perfect sense for us to bring Nick and Molt onto Team Tribe. We’re incredibly excited to get started and make some ~content~ with them on our weekly #TEAMTRIBE series on our YouTube channel!

We’ve got plans to make the Tribe bigger and better in every way in 2020, and what better way to kick things off than bringing some of our very best friends and favorite content creators onboard?

Stay tuned to our social media for more announcements, and to stay tuned to the latest Tribe Gaming news!

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Welcome to the Tribe, Rey!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve brought one of the most iconic Brawl Stars content creators to Tribe Gaming – welcome to the family, Rey!

Rey has long-since been one of the Tribe’s favorite content creators, so it seemed only fitting that we bring him over to Tribe, joining our growing roster of the best Brawlers around.

In his two years creating Brawl Stars content on YouTube, he’s amassed over 120,000 loyal subscribers for his contagious personality and quality content. Rey is one of the fastest-growing Brawl Stars creators in the game right now, and we couldn’t be more excited to support his growth as a member of the Tribe Family. Welcome to the Tribe, Rey!

Follow Rey on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for daily Brawl Stars videos!

To stay up to date with the latest Tribe Gaming news, check us out on social media! #TRIBEWIN

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