Welcome to the Tribe, HawksNest and Ferg! | #TEAMTRIBE

January 2, 2020

Did you find all our New Years’ clues and guess this one, too?

In addition to bringing on Molt and NickatNyte to the Tribe, we’re also pleased to be welcoming Ferg and HawksNest to the Tribe—welcome!

We’re thrilled to have these two FPS gods in the mix, and we think Hawks and Ferg both couldn’t be better additions to our lineup of content creators! Plus, Hawks and Ferg are also rising stars on TikTok, which we hear is hip with the kids…

The Tribe couldn’t be more excited to get our weekly #TEAMTRIBE series started again, but with Ferg and Hawks as new members of our community. Maybe they’ll teach our more boomer members how to get good at shooters…?

We’ve got even more plans for the Tribe in 2020, and we definitely couldn’t accomplish it all without these two icons at Tribe. Stay tuned to our social media to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Tribe Gaming news!

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