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World Champions! | Vainglory

#TRIBEVG | We are your WESG Vainglory World Champions!

The Tribe’s insanely proud to say that our Vainglory squad overcame all adversity to take home the WESG Vainglory World Championship title for the USA, making us the first-ever two-time Vainglory World Champions!

Ever since our first taste of glory when we conquered the competition at the 2017 Vainglory World Finals in Singapore, we’ve been hungry to take the world stage again and prove our skills against the best teams around the world. Our roster was made up of Chuck (midlaner), Gabevizzle (support), Hami (top lane), Oldskool (botlane), and of course, ttigers (jungle).

Since our national win in October, we grinded endlessly as the American Vainglory representatives in Chongqing, China at the WESG Grand Finals last week.

Following a tough loss to our long-time Korean rivals, Team Ace, in the group stages, we came back to defeat both Hunters, the Chinese representatives, and the Japanese team GGNEWtyge2nd, to earn our place in the semifinals. With us in the top 4 teams were Team Impunity (Singapore), Team Sly (Germany), and of course, Team Ace.

Our team swept Team Sly in the semifinals 2-0, after a dramatic last push. From then on, we braced ourselves to face Team Ace in a climactic confrontation for the ages.

Tribe’s had a long history with Team Ace, as both competitors on the Rise and friends offline. They were our opponents in the Grand Finals of our first World Championship, where we defeated them 4-1. We faced them yet again last December in the VPL World Invitational, where we suffered a loss at their hands and were eliminated from the competition.

This time, things were different. At the historic Chongqing Olympic Stadium, we faced off against Ace for the third time. Despite a seemingly close start to game one, Team Tribe took the game in 27 minutes after a dramatic teamwipe. Game two played out a little differently—an aggressive mid-game push for the Vain Crystal amidst the chaos gave us the 2-0 sweep against Team Ace in 15 minutes, winning us the World Championship title!

Watch the VOD of our historic WESG Vainglory World Championship win here!

We’re ecstatic to have brought home the Vainglory World Champion title back home to North America. Vainglory is where Tribe started, and we can’t wait to defend the title against the competition next Vainglory Worlds. #TRIBEWIN

Welcome, Hami! | #TRIBEVG

Welcome to the newest member of Tribe Vainglory, Josh “Hami” Wirtz!

We’re pleased to announce that Vainglory veteran Hami’s joined the squad as our top laner.

Coming from a rich competitive background, Hami boasts one of the most impressive competitive resumes in the game, having played at almost every major tournament in recent history. With a reputation as one of the most mechanically-skilled players in the region (and the world), he and our squad are sure to tear up the circuit – our first conquest being the WESG Vainglory Grand Finals, where we hope to reclaim our throne as the Vainglory World Champions for the second time.

Despite being the newest addition to the team, he’s spent months with our lineup practicing and building team synergy – Hami’s sure to be a force to be reckoned with on Sovereign’s Rise. Don’t sleep on #TRIBEVG!

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Tribe Vainglory – 2018 Roster Announcement

We’re pleased to welcome gabevizzle, Oldskool, and ILoveJoseph to the Tribe, as they join our 5V5 Vainglory roster for the upcoming VPL season. The trio was supremely dominant throughout 2017, having won both Unified Championships and placing third in the World Championship. We’re extremely excited to have their talent and skills on our team, and we hope that our fans welcome them to the Tribe with open arms.

“Adding on a star-studded trio like Gabe, Skool, and Joseph was a dream for us heading into the Vainglory Premier League. Our players have always been on friendly terms, and assembling this team was strictly based around one goal – defending our Vainglory World Championship. Not only do we have high aspirations competitively, but I’m also personally excited to work with the new trio on building up their brands, Twitch, and YouTube channels. DNZio has also expressed interest in helping them clickbait effectively.”

– Patrick ‘Chief Pat’ Carney

“When it comes to Tribe, they have a massive amount of resources that they provide. Whether it’s Chief Pat, who was one of the most influential people I looked up to in high school when it came to town hall bases, or their dedicated support staff that is second to none. I’m excited to be joining forces with Zio, who is the best clickbait carry in the world, as well as Max, who just makes unimaginable plays for days. This combination of talent is going to be killer.”

– Gabe ‘gabevizzle’ Villarin

“After winning the 2017 World Championship, our focus at Tribe immediately shifted towards winning another. Winning a World Championship requires the absolute best roster, support staff, preparation, and ownership. Knowing this, we worked diligently to assemble what we feel is the best team possible for the coming season. We are incredibly excited and prepared to work towards bring home a second Vainglory World Championship for Tribe. See you on Sovereign’s Rise!”

– Mark ‘HotSauceUT’ Harlan

Our completed roster for the 2018 VPL is as follows;

Top Lane: Gabe ’gabevizzle’ Villarin
Jungle: Joseph ‘ILoveJoseph’ Samano
Mid Lane: Riley ‘DNZio’ Haghian
Bot Lane: Gabriel ‘Oldskool’ Villamariona
Captain: Woo Hyun ‘MaxGreen’ Choi

Sub: Ray ‘ttigers’ Han
Sub: Alexander ‘Xelciar’ Matevosyan

Additionally, we’re thrilled to be bringing back ‘HotSauceUT’ as our head coach, with ‘Vyzeox and ‘pepetapia’ providing support as analysts for the team.

As a final note, ttigers expressed interest in pursuing a substitute role following the 2017 competitive season. We look forward to having him as part of the team, and ares providing valuable insight to our starting players.

Make sure to catch Tribe Vainglory this season in the VPL, and follow our Twitter and YouTube channels for any additional announcement around the league! #TRIBEWIN

Vainglory World Champions!

After a hard-fought weekend of games, we squared off again East Asia’s ACE Gaming in the Vainglory World Championship Grand Finals. While ACE was a worthy opponent, 5 games later we came out on top as the 2017 Vainglory World Champions.

We’re excited to have brought back North America’s very first Vainglory World Championship!