Tribe Vainglory – 2018 Roster Announcement

March 1, 2018

We’re pleased to welcome gabevizzle, Oldskool, and ILoveJoseph to the Tribe, as they join our 5V5 Vainglory roster for the upcoming VPL season. The trio was supremely dominant throughout 2017, having won both Unified Championships and placing third in the World Championship. We’re extremely excited to have their talent and skills on our team, and we hope that our fans welcome them to the Tribe with open arms.

“Adding on a star-studded trio like Gabe, Skool, and Joseph was a dream for us heading into the Vainglory Premier League. Our players have always been on friendly terms, and assembling this team was strictly based around one goal – defending our Vainglory World Championship. Not only do we have high aspirations competitively, but I’m also personally excited to work with the new trio on building up their brands, Twitch, and YouTube channels. DNZio has also expressed interest in helping them clickbait effectively.”

– Patrick ‘Chief Pat’ Carney

“When it comes to Tribe, they have a massive amount of resources that they provide. Whether it’s Chief Pat, who was one of the most influential people I looked up to in high school when it came to town hall bases, or their dedicated support staff that is second to none. I’m excited to be joining forces with Zio, who is the best clickbait carry in the world, as well as Max, who just makes unimaginable plays for days. This combination of talent is going to be killer.”

– Gabe ‘gabevizzle’ Villarin

“After winning the 2017 World Championship, our focus at Tribe immediately shifted towards winning another. Winning a World Championship requires the absolute best roster, support staff, preparation, and ownership. Knowing this, we worked diligently to assemble what we feel is the best team possible for the coming season. We are incredibly excited and prepared to work towards bring home a second Vainglory World Championship for Tribe. See you on Sovereign’s Rise!”

– Mark ‘HotSauceUT’ Harlan

Our completed roster for the 2018 VPL is as follows;

Top Lane: Gabe ’gabevizzle’ Villarin
Jungle: Joseph ‘ILoveJoseph’ Samano
Mid Lane: Riley ‘DNZio’ Haghian
Bot Lane: Gabriel ‘Oldskool’ Villamariona
Captain: Woo Hyun ‘MaxGreen’ Choi

Sub: Ray ‘ttigers’ Han
Sub: Alexander ‘Xelciar’ Matevosyan

Additionally, we’re thrilled to be bringing back ‘HotSauceUT’ as our head coach, with ‘Vyzeox and ‘pepetapia’ providing support as analysts for the team.

As a final note, ttigers expressed interest in pursuing a substitute role following the 2017 competitive season. We look forward to having him as part of the team, and ares providing valuable insight to our starting players.

Make sure to catch Tribe Vainglory this season in the VPL, and follow our Twitter and YouTube channels for any additional announcement around the league! #TRIBEWIN

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