We’re going to the World Championship! | Clash of Clans

November 13, 2021

We’re going to the World Championship! | Clash of Clans

It may have come down to the wire but we’ve secured our Golden Ticket to the Clash of Clans World Championship!

After a year of extremely close wars and heartbreaking defeats, Nebrax, eVe Maxi, eVe Cech, Cronos, Excocist, and Knowledge turned the tables around and won back-to-back wars in the Last Chance Qualifier, one of them by .4%, to get their shot at ultimate glory!


What does all this mean? It means you’ll be seeing us facing off against the reigning World Champions, ATN.aTTaX on December 2nd at 11pm CT. A $250,000 first prize means we’re going to be bringing everything we have to the battlefield—make sure you’re ready!

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