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Welcome to the Tribe, Soking! | Clash Royale

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Jesus “Soking” Varela Ruiz will be calling Tribe Gaming home for the CRL 2019 Fall Season, on loan from SK Gaming.

Soking is a bona fide Clash Royale pro – as one of the longest-standing pro players in the scene, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have his experience and personality with the Tribe for this season.

He’s joined our team of Nitram, B-rad, Carter, and TOMMY, as well as our coaches Eelke and Mad Raider, at our team house in Los Angeles. With our roster completed, we’re confident nothing will stand in our way this CRL season, and we couldn’t be more amped for the CRL West 2019 Fall Season to kick off on September 14th.

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We’re Entering PUBG MOBILE—Welcome to the Tribe, #TRBPUBGM!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to finally announce Tribe Gaming’s entry into one of the world’s most popular, influential, and competitive games—PUBG MOBILE.

Welcome to the Tribe, #TRBPUBGM! 

As a mobile-focused esports organization, PUBG Mobile epitomizes everything we love about esports. It’s hugely accessible and popular (PUBG MOBILE ranks near the top of all games with the most active players in the entire world!), and has a vibrant competitive scene that we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of. We’re thrilled to be embarking on this venture and we couldn’t think of a better squad to represent Tribe Gaming in competitive PUBG MOBILE.

We’ve acquired the former Omen Elite team comprised of players 46Memo, Lucifer Vuitton, CguT, RoiiDz, and Outsider9k. With over $35,000 in combined team winnings on the battlegrounds, our roster’s definitely tried-and-tested—we see a lot more chicken dinners in our future.

The Tribe couldn’t be more amped up to start seeing this squad in action.

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Welcome to the Tribe, Carter! | Clash Royale

Today, we welcome a living legend to our Clash Royale team for the CRL 2019 Fall Season. Welcome to the Tribe, Carter!

Joining us after departing from NRG, we’re incredibly excited to have this professional Clash Royale veteran with the Tribe. The perfect mix of raw skill and dedication, we’re more thrilled than ever for the fall split to begin with Carter as part of the squad.

Carter’s joined our team of B-rad, TOMMY, and Nitram, as well as our coaches Eelke and Mad Raider at our Los Angeles team house. We’re excited beyond belief for the Clash Royale League Fall 2019 season to kick off, and our team’s looking more stacked than ever. 

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Welcome to the Tribe, Rey!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve brought one of the most iconic Brawl Stars content creators to Tribe Gaming – welcome to the family, Rey!

Rey has long-since been one of the Tribe’s favorite content creators, so it seemed only fitting that we bring him over to Tribe, joining our growing roster of the best Brawlers around.

In his two years creating Brawl Stars content on YouTube, he’s amassed over 120,000 loyal subscribers for his contagious personality and quality content. Rey is one of the fastest-growing Brawl Stars creators in the game right now, and we couldn’t be more excited to support his growth as a member of the Tribe Family. Welcome to the Tribe, Rey!

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Goodbye and Thank You, Jmonte!

The Tribe is sad to announce that we’re saying goodbye to a beloved member of our family.

Justin “jmonte” Montalbano will not be rejoining us for the CRL Fall 2019 season and will be retiring from his professional Clash Royale career to attend college.

Jmonte’s been a mainstay of our Clash Royale League roster since its inception last year, and it’s safe to say he’s become an iconic cornerstone of competitive Clash Royale – dabbing his way to victory ever since his debut in Fall 2017.

We’re incredibly proud of what he’s accomplished throughout his time with the Tribe, and though we’re sad to see him go, the Tribe supports his decision to pursue higher education wholeheartedly. From the entire Tribe family, thank you for your dedication and efforts, Jmonte!

Farewell, Spades | Clash Royale

Tribe Gaming has opted to terminate the contract of Keoni “Spades” Chung.

Spades has been a dedicated member of our Clash Royale League team over the 2019 Spring Season. As a newcomer to the Clash Royale League, his contributions to the Tribe have been innumerable, and helped our team ultimately reach the playoffs – no easy feat when we compete among the best Clash Royale squads in the world.

“Spades was a core member of our Clash Royale division this season, and it’s safe to say we wouldn’t have reached the playoffs without his efforts. Moving forward, we’re excited to watch his Clash Royale career develop, and we’ll be rooting for Spades along the way – so long as he isn’t facing us!”

– Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, Tribe Gaming CEO

We thank Spades from the bottom of our hearts for his commitment to Tribe Gaming throughout this season of the Clash Royale League. The Tribe will be eternally grateful for his hard work and contributions to the team, and we wish him the best in his continued career in professional Clash Royale.

CRL Playoff-Bound! | #TRBCR

After a grueling six-week season of Clash Royale League play, our squad showed their determination and skills to prove themselves as one of the top Clash Royale teams in the West!

We’re incredibly glad we have the chance to battle in tomorrow’s playoffs for the top spot in CRL West, along with a spot in the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2019, taking place later this month in Xi’an, China.

Qualifying for the playoffs in 6th place means we have the biggest challenge to rise to the top of the standings, having to defeat every other team in the gauntlet – but, we’ve never been ones to back down from a challenge.

The other teams had better watch their backs, because #TEAMTRIBE’s in this to win it.

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Welcome to the Tribe, Nitram! | #TRBCR

Today, the Tribe’s thrilled to unveil the final member of our Clash Royale League squad. Welcome to the Tribe, Nitram!

The 17 year-old hails from Mendoza, Argentina and has been active in the Clash Royale scene for over two years. With an impressive competitive resume, we’re certain our squad’s in top shape for competition – coming soon! Nitram’s competitive achievements include:

  • ESWC Paris 2017 Top 16
  • RPL World Champion, 2018
  • RCC World Champion, 2018
  • Argentina National Team Member

With Nitram, that makes all five members of our Clash Royale League 2019 roster! He’ll be playing alongside B-rad, Jmonte, TOMMY, and Spades, with support from our two coaches, Eelke and Mad Raider. Follow Nitram on Twitter!

The whole team’s soon to arrive at our Clash Royale team house in Los Angeles, California – are you as hyped for this season as we are?

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Welcome to the Tribe, Spades! | #TRBCR

Today, we’re excited to announce Tribe Clash Royale’s newest member – welcome, Spades!

This upcoming season will be Spades’s first entry into the Clash Royale League, but don’t be fooled – we’re certain he’s got the skill that’ll help the Tribe dominate CRL West.

In addition to his already sizeable competitive experience – he played and won with Smiley in RPL, and played for Team USA in CR Worlds – he’s a fresh-faced talent with incredible potential. We can’t wait to see how he develops on the Arena coming into CRL Season 2, and we’re confident our team’s got the moxie to win it all.

He’ll be helped out by our coaches Eelke and our new addition of Mad Raider to develop our team’s CRL strats for the upcoming season, but in the meantime, follow him on Twitter!

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Announcing the Tribe’s Partnership With Discord!

Today, the Tribe’s excited to announce that we’ve entered into a collaborative partnership with Discord, one of the top communications apps for gamers and game communities.

As longtime users of their platform, we couldn’t be more excited to make it official. We’re elated to reveal what we’ve got planned, and we couldn’t imagine a better platform to do it with. All of our teams use Discord as their main form of communication for latency-free gaming, so it only seemed a natural next step to take our relationship to the next level.

“Partnering up with Discord is an enormous moment for us here at Tribe – and a testament to the growing impact of mobile gaming globally. Discord is already the home to many of our mobile communities, and we’re thrilled to be working together with Discord on bolstering our community efforts.”

– Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, CEO, Tribe Gaming

We’ll be building a Tribe-specific Discord server where all of our fans can engage with us, hear the latest Tribe Gaming news, and even learn a few tips for their favorite mobile games. In addition, we’ll be launching Discord servers for our communities in different mobile games – similar to our current Brawl Stars server. Finally, we’ll be forming Discord communities for all of your favorite Tribe Gaming influencers – everyone from Orange Juice to B-rad, and of course, our very own CEO Chief Pat.

We’re thrilled for what this means for esports and the mobile gaming communities. The Tribe’s excited to showcase its growth alongside our proud partners Discord – we can’t wait to see what will come in the future.


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