It was a tough Stage 4 but we made it through—CODM World Championship here we go!

Stage 4 didn’t go as planned. We started off with a tough loss which sent us to the lower bracket, but the day concluded with the display of our power against Devious. That win kept us alive for the second day of competition while also (and more importantly) granting us our Worlds ticket!

We were determined to make the lower bracket run come true and become the Stage 4 champions. However, our hopes were diminished with our first game of Day 2 which led to our elimination. This may not have been the desired outcome for us but we now know we have enough time to prepare and come back stronger with a World Championship performance worthy of our glorious past. 

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They say the third time’s the charm but in our case it’ll be the fourth.

August’s Monthly Finals had it all. One mistake and our Brawl Stars 2023 journey would be cut short. Reaching the Grand Finals would secure our spot in the Last Chance Qualifier, but that wasn’t enough for us. We wanted a direct ticket to Worlds and winning it all was our only option.

Ezlivi, Tyrant, Zoulan and Cori avoided elimination and made it to the Grand Finals, where they proved their world-class level with a clean sweep. This means that on top of being August’s Monthly Finals Champions, we are now qualified for Worlds! There, we’ll represent NA East and fight for a chance to finally lift the trophy after 4 years of playing at the world’s highest level.

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We saw 14,000,605 alternative outcomes but this is definitely the best—welcome to the Tribe, Cozy and Dekkster!

The Avengers have assembled and they’re here to join our friendly neighborhood Molt! Together they’ll take on the MARVEL SNAP Universe. Under the Watcher’s gaze, they’ll develop unique strategies, showcase new cards, and help you snap out of your losing streak. We couldn’t be more excited to add these content creators to our gauntlet!

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Time to go back-to-back-to-back… to-back?

BoLu and Jezz have returned and they’re joining forces with Space, Solo, Saken and Rebalo to bring home yet another trophy!

We have a track record of winning everything in CODM and we believe this year will be no different. Bolu and Jezz know what being a World Champion feels like and that makes them even more hungry to get their hands on another ring, this time with the number 2023 written on it. They wouldn’t be able to do that without our new additions, players with extensive experience of playing at the highest level, who know that if they want to be named World Champions, Tribe is the team to make it happen.

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