Last year, we were crowned the first ever Call of Duty: Mobile World Champions. This year we wanted to be first again, first to win back-to-back World Championships. Not only did we do just that, we did it at the first ever Call of Duty: Mobile LAN event. WE ARE YOUR BACK-TO-BACK CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE WORLD CHAMPIONS

With BoLu and Marshy back once again, they set their eyes on getting Vague, Jezz, Tectonic, and Slothy their first World Championship. To say that this team dominated throughout the entire year would be an understatement, they were unstoppable. Looking back at Stage 4, they only lost 4 maps as they crowned themselves kings of North America. Now it was time to crown themselves kings of CODM.

We walked through the group stage unscathed but met our first challenge of adversity after falling to Wolves in the Quarterfinals. This meant that we would have to win four ‘best of five’ series’ to make it to the Grand Finals without losing. Unfortunately for our competition, we play our best with our backs against the wall.

After one of the best loser bracket runs we’ve ever done including beating Wolves, the team that sent us there in the first place, we met Luminosity in the Grand Finals. Since they came from the Winner’s Finals, they started the series with a 1-0 map count. We didn’t care. Three maps in, we showed to the World why to never count us out until it’s over. Up 3-1 in the series and one map away from glory, Luminosity showcased that they had some fight left as well by taking the next two maps and sending us to a Summit Control Game 5. It wouldn’t be the Grand Finals if it didn’t go all the way right? BoLu brought his IGL expertise by telling the team to hold their operators for the last round of Control. This brilliant play call made the last round a breeze and secured the 2022 Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship along with a $700,000 first place prize. We are the kings of CODM. We are the kings of the World.

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The day has finally come, our 2022 Comp Kit is officially for sale.

At our core, we are the biggest and most successful mobile esports organization in the world. We brought that into our third iteration of our competitive kit. With new threads, our players will make their presence known on the World’s stage.

Inspired by the detailed view of a damascus steel axe, we crafted both a red and black jersey as the focal points of this kit, followed by a set of complementary pieces that make several uniform combinations possible.

Our teams have many key qualities that keep them at the top. One of those is versatility, or the ability to adapt. We took this key quality and brought it to life with the kit. Two different colored jerseys and warmups, alongside joggers and a jacket, make the different combinations endless. This also allows us to showcase two teams equally when they qualify for the same World Championship.

We’re proud to be able to provide quality competitive apparel to our teams and are even more excited to be able to provide them to you, but one question… Red or Black?

Available now at Tribe Shop.

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You might’ve already secured your own Tribe Pin but now’s your chance to grab another Tribe goodie within Brawl Stars: the Tribe Profile Icon.

Although it may not actually upgrade your stats, you can show your support by getting this icon and showing off the best logo in all of Brawl Stars on your profile. Make sure to grab it before it leaves the shop on November 7th!

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Video Editor (Freelance)

Video Editor

Tribe Gaming is the leading mobile gaming esports organization founded in 2017 by content creator Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney to drive the growth of mobile gaming media, entertainment, and esports. Exclusively representing the biggest names in mobile content and the most talented players in mobile esports, Tribe’s powerhouse of creators has garnered 20+ million subscribers and 130+ million monthly views on YouTube alone, and Tribe’s esports teams have competed in five major mobile titles – having won multiple world championships.

In 2021, Tribe Gaming raised funding from Spurs Sports & Entertainment and announced multiple first-of-their-kind partnerships within mobile gaming. Tribe Gaming is based in Austin, Texas with contractors located around the world.

About the Role:

We are looking for a skilled editor for our FPS channel. Our process at Tribe Frags is hands-on — you will be working with a producer who led the video recording and will help you with detailed feedback for the vision of the video.

Ideal Candidate:

Has a sense of humor when editing, up to date on YT trends and is willing to exercise some creative storytelling.

What you should bring:

  • Has access to Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ability to cut multiple perspectives
  • Use music to accentuate a moment or scene
  • Basic VFX skills
  • Knowledgable on current YT trends and storytelling
  • Mandatory for consideration: Readily available reel, website, and/or portfolio


What better way to get ready for the World Finals than winning the last Monthly Final of the year and securing first place in the EU region. Well we did just that.

We’re no stranger to winning a Monthly Final but this one just hit different. After a phenomenal start to the year, the road became a little bumpy for our EU team in the second half of the year. With being just a few points shy from securing the first seed in EU, we went into this last Monthly Final determined to come out on top. After Reply Totem were eliminated in the first round, we knew that we had what it takes to grab the top spot heading into Worlds.

Now all that is left is Brawl Worlds. The preparation plans have already started, we’ll see you in Paris.

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This year, we made it back to the Clash of Clans World Finals and let me tell you… we had all of the Villagers on their feet.

If you’ve watched Nebrax, Cronos, Fluxxy, Excosist, Riqirez, Knowledge, and Stephan, then you know that this team makes their presence known wherever they go. After securing their Golden Ticket from the Queso Cup, we worked endlessly to get ready for the grand stage in Helsinki.

From the start, we came out swinging. Winning our first two Wars put us in great position for the Winner’s Finals. After taking down last year’s runner up, QueeN Walkers, we made it to the Grand Finals! QueeN Walkers well walked their way through the Loser’s Finals for the ultimate Clash of Clans rematch, where they would have to beat us twice to take home the trophy. Unfortunately, they did just that and sent us home as the World Championship Runner Up.

We screamed, we yelled, but ultimately we didn’t prevail, however this is nothing that we should be keeping our heads down for. From finishing 3rd in 2021 to 2nd this year means that next year should be ours right? Kidding aside, this team made a special run that we will never forget. For now, it’s time to let our Heroes rest as we get ready for 2023. We won’t be away from the Village for long.

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Together, we will rise. Introducing this year’s Worlds social campaign #RiseRED.

We always strive to create impactful, memorable and well-produced content that can showcase mobile in the best and brightest light. With #RiseRED we will once again unify our audiences and shine a light on our five competitive teams & players across Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars (2x) and Call of Duty Mobile as they compete in their respective World events.

From superfan kits to IRL content, RiseRED will be a powerful campaign that brings everyone together under one umbrella red flag. Are you ready to rise?

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Some would call this a match made in heaven, but we’re calling it a match made in the Galaxy. We’re so excited to announce that Tribe Gaming is officially powered by Samsung!

With Samsung being the leader in mobile technologies, and Tribe being the (self-proclaimed) leader in mobile gaming content and esports, this partnership is truly out of this world. Our collaboration will bring Samsung closer to mobile gaming communities, and power up our talent with the latest and greatest devices in mobile gaming.

This alliance with Samsung is our most ambitious to date – from exclusive content, to multiple new episodic video series, to the biggest mobile creator event ever? We went all out to make sure this partnership would blow your mind. 

Don’t believe me? Just listen to the fancy words from the big man himself.

“Samsung has been a relentless pioneer in mobile, which perfectly aligns with our mission at Tribe Gaming,” said Tribe Gaming founder Patrick ‘Chief Pat’ Carney. “This historical partnership with Samsung is a milestone moment for our company, and a true testament to what we’ve worked so hard to build over the last half decade in mobile gaming.”

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Yes you read the title right, we have our own pin in Brawl Stars and it’s on sale NOW!

This is the first time our logo and branding have appeared as an in-game, purchasable item and we couldn’t be more excited to spin and spam this pin. Although it features Emz showcasing the #FEARTHETRIBE, this pin can be used on any brawler in the game! If you haven’t already, go out and get the best pin in the game that ‘guarantees’ fear (the Tribe) in the enemy brawlers.

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One of the biggest moments in our history has finally come to fruition. We’re officially in Brawl Stars and have joined the BSC Partner Program!

Starting today, you can purchase the Tribe pin in the Brawl Stars shop to show your support for us in-game and spam #FEARTHETRIBE in the Brawl Ball fields. This is just the beginning of this program and we look forward to additional future items, such as Player icons and an exclusive skin, depending on how we perform for the rest of the year, crosses fingers.

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