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Time to go back-to-back-to-back… to-back?

BoLu and Jezz have returned and they’re joining forces with Space, Solo, Saken and Rebalo to bring home yet another trophy!

We have a track record of winning everything in CODM and we believe this year will be no different. Bolu and Jezz know what being a World Champion feels like and that makes them even more hungry to get their hands on another ring, this time with the number 2023 written on it. They wouldn’t be able to do that without our new additions, players with extensive experience of playing at the highest level, who know that if they want to be named World Champions, Tribe is the team to make it happen.

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It wouldn’t be a Clash of Clans World Championship without us in it.

Cronos, Nebrax, Excosist, Riqirez, Jojo23, Stephan and Knowledge dominated the competition and remained undefeated in the Rush Playoffs Golden Edition, securing the first place.


This win also grants us our Golden Ticket to the Clash of Clans World Championship, where after our 3rd and 2nd places during the last two years, we’ll have the chance to prove that third time’s the charm and lift the trophy.

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It may not be pumpkin season but we’re sure this one will turn into a carriage—welcome to the Tribe, Nubbz3!

Although his taste in orange fruits could have been better according to a certain Co-Owner, his Brawl Stars content is immaculate. No matter what your tastes are he’s got you covered, whether it be conquering the Brawl Ball fields, life-saving tips, or banger memes. We couldn’t be more delighted to add another Star to our Brawl content creator family!

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A dream that sprouted, grew and bloomed to leave behind the seed of ambition.

After two rigorous days of competing and a cliffhanger Grand Final we ended up on the second step of the podium. Although we were one step away from lifting the trophy, our heads are still held high and that is because our run in the competition is a promise. A promise that the future will blossom and it will once again be red.

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